Zuckerberg promotes the Meta Quest 3, highlighting its superiority as a mixed-reality headset over the Apple Vision Pro

In a recent video Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta initiated a big discussion by stating that Meta’s Quest 3 headset is better than Apple’s Vision Pro. Mr. Zuckerberg also emphasized the advantages of the Quest 3, by mentioning its comfort, affordability and improved experience by their users. These statements strongly reflect Meta’s strong will to lead the mixed reality market & compete with Apple.

Zuckerberg explains how the Meta Quest is a superior product to the Apple Vision Pro (Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro)

Zuckerberg talks about how Quest 3 is affordable in comparison to Apple’s Vision Pro in the video. Their product is estimated to be one-seventh of Apple’s Vision Pro. Although there’s a huge price gap Meta Quest doesn’t compromise on quality. It has a big screen, closely competing with what Apple is providing. Furthermore, Zuckerberg mentioned Quest 3 is lighter than Apple Version Pro by 120 grams, and it is easily moveable as it is wireless.

Zuckerberg pointed out that Quest 3 has high-level visual clarity and a wider field of view in comparison to the motion blur experience with Vision PRO. Moreover, Quest 3 has some advanced controllers and hand tracking, which Zuckerberg specifically mentioned. Also, there’s a lot of content with a wide variety of stuff to do on Quest 3, like gaming watching videos, and so much more.

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Zuckerberg disagrees with Apple’s decision to have a higher resolution display, as it will sacrifice the comfort of users. He’s all about Meta’s open model approach to mixed reality and is very much determined to make Meta Quest’s open model approach the big player in the MR space. Zuckerberg even compares it to how Microsoft dominated the PC era. To win in the future of mixed reality, he’s pushing for Meta’s open model.

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