TORRAS Vision Pro accessory announced and coming into the market to compete with Syntech

TORRAS brand is generally famous for producing accessories like Magnetic Ostand Ring Cases with an integrated ring grip/stand for devices. This is now also available for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for $36 on Amazon. They have also planned to do Something for Apple Vision Pro customers but the sales cannot be estimated for this.

The Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assured Apple Vision Pro Consumers That they will be more concerned about their device protection from scratches without even thinking about its weight and style, As the person who can purchase high-cost headphones Will also spend on the accessories.

To have a solution for the above problem, the consumer can use a TORRAS Vision Pro carrying case. Along with this they also have an idea of Anti fog spray Blurred lenses which is a major problem while using headsets.

While using the headphones There can be neck pain also so to overcome that TORRAS has designed a special product – the TORRAS headband, which helps in comfort wear. However, there is one problem they will have to face many competitors who are presently in the market one of them is syntech.

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Then talking about the next accessory which is a power bank, has advanced features that Help Vision Pro Consumer to supply power to the headphones without even taking it off as it is mounted on the headphones.

These accessories will be released after April 2024 while TORRAS has announced all their lineup accessories. However, Syntech has already this product – A hard carrying case for Vision Pro customers on Amazon for $26.

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