A new square-shaped smartphone with an extendable sliding display is patented by Samsung, As per the report

In recent times A new patent was just discovered online that Samsung might introduce a square-shaped smartphone whose display can be adjusted or extended From one end of the phone through sliding motion. Samsung patented two of its innovations named Flex Magic and Flex Magic Pixel in the Europe trademark registration portal the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

So this is the third patent by Samsung if the reports are correct this will be patented as an Expendable screen for smartphones although it could be the same as a US patent but the paperwork does not include these terms.

David Kowalski of xleaks7 In partnership with website rating founded this patent. They found the US patent application PDF in which they recognized The applicant as a Samsung display and they also found out the filling date which is 22nd June 2023.

As it is a sliding display, The main Technology is developed to prevent bouncing of the display as there will be one side metal layer, this technology helps to prevent display cracks which makes the device to long last. The patent also states that this technology can work with both OLED and LCDs.

As there is no such official information about the square-shaped Smartphone and there is no such mention in the patent also so we must not depend on it Samsung has innovations every time so we have to just wait for the official information whether it is for the smartphone, TV, Smartwatches or something new.

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GizmoChina Submitted a report on the flex magic pixel patent and by reading that we came across that a new patent is also like that but there are some notable differences. The Flex Magic Patent describes the innovation as an “expandable screen for smartphones” and “smartphones in the shape of a watch,” And the new patent does not have such terms.

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