Samsung launched its ultra-luxurious Micro LED TV in India, You will shock after knowing its price

Samsung launched its ultra-luxurious Micro LED TV in India. The price of this TV is Rs 1.14 crore. This Tv comes with a 110-inch screen size. Micro LED TV offers many cutting-edge technology and features.

Samsung claims that this ultra-luxurious offering is all set to revolutionize the television industry with its groundbreaking features and next-level technology. Let’s know about the features and specifications of Samsung TVs.

Samsung Micro LED TV Specification:

The company says that this Micro LED TV has 24.8 million micrometer-sized ultra-small LEDs, which are one-tenth the size of large-sized LEDs. All of these Micro-LEDs produce varying levels of light and color to deliver an immersive experience of great depth, vibrant colors with extreme clarity and contrast.

Made from Sapphire, the second hardest material on earth, these Micro LEDs boast the most immersive color experience.

This TV with Micro LED Technology has Micro LED, Micro Contrast, Micro Color, Micro HDR, and Microprocessor, which give high-end picture quality. The Micro LED TV comes with features such as Self-Emitting Back Light, Micro AI Processor Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling, Scene Adaptive Contrast, and Dynamic Range Expansion Plus, which take the viewing experience to the next level.

There is also a Multi-View feature that lets you watch content from four different angles in 4K resolution at up to 120 fps. The company says that whether it is watching live games, watching TV shows, or playing video games, it makes the best of all experiences.

Talking about the Audio, Micro LED TV comes with exclusive 3-layer equipped OTS Pro sound technology. This feature can create a cinematic experience by tracking all screen movements. The 5.1 channel speakers inside it make the experience great by generating dynamic surround sound.

Apart from this, it also comes with Dolby Atmos, which gives 3D surround sound through additional top-channel speakers.

Also Check:

Micro LED TV comes with Solar Cell Remote. This battery-free remote can be charged using indoor lighting alone.

Samsung Micro LED TV Price:

Samsung Micro LED TV has been introduced for Rs 1,14,99,000. Starting today, the Samsung Micro LED TV can be purchased across select retail stores in India and on

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