OM Systems Introduces OM-1 II an expensive M4/3 which has a smartphone-type digital photography – Not Confirmed Yet!

Even after the OM systems has acquired the Olympus there has been no such great news from the organization. But if the 43rumors leak is correct then, the OM System OM-1 II will be Following their updates pattern, despite that all of these improvements are not that much significant.

According to the rumors, On 30th January 2024, this improved version – OM System OM-1 II Will be released in the market. There is no major enhancement in this from the previous version, only Internal buffer memory is double, Focus is improved with the artificial intelligence which can recognize human subjects, and an extra 1.5 stops of IBIS.

Probably, the OM-1 II Will have a high-resolution mode but for that, it Should have a characteristic of 14-bit RAW. This will also have new digital neutral density(ND) Filters with several modes like 2ND, 4ND & 8ND. This This digital neutral density filter is also available in smartphones but the OM system uses a different process not unlike smartphones capturing live high-resolution images, they use Several exposures to bring down low shutter speed in a dynamic environment.

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As this is a rumor we must not fully rely on this because the updates that are leaked like neutral density filters the OM-1 has already this feature.

The current version OM-1 is a great camera that can help us shoot videos in HD at 240 fps and also allows us to click photos at 130 fps. In this rumour, we also came to know about the price of the new version in euros which is €2,399 If converted into dollars, In the US it should be around $2,300–2,500 and in India, it will be around ₹2 Lakh

Saurce – 43Rumors

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