A new Fortnite leak claims Augments Reality will return for weekly quests

Fortnite OG proved that players love the return of fan-favourite challenges and items. A trusted leaker has shown that Epic Games’ battle royale has more surprises for those who want to know what (AR) Reality Augments are all about.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has amazed players with a boatload of new content and game modes. But even after Epic Games announced the Winterfest 2023 event, a trusted leaker claimed that devs have much more in store for players who love returning mechanics.

While Fortnite fans got to experience Chapter 1’s locations, weapons, and vehicles during Fortnite OG, many gameplay options introduced in later seasons were vaulted to return in Chapter 5. However, Reality Augments haven’t been unvaulted yet for the latest update.

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First introduced during Chapter 4 Season 1, Reality Augments worked as a perk system that gave players performance buffs. According to leaker iFireMonkey, users will have to wait until December 19, 2023, for Reality Augments to get unvalued.

In addition, the leaker claimed that Fortnite‘s game files stated that Week 3 of Weekly Quests will ask players to activate 15 Reality Augments to complete its challenges. IFireMonkey also posted on X some upcoming Chapter 5 Season 1 Weekly Quests, which includes the following:

With the return of Reality Augments, players will be able to build their load-outs to gain some advantage over their opponents while playing Fortnite battle royale game mode. Leaks don’t specify if Epic Games are going to add new perks for Season 5, but they are expected to be also included in Ranked mode.


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