Blue Spark Introduces Vitaltraq – A platform to observe Vital Signs for Remote Medical Care

Blue Spark has recently introduced an online platform Vitaltraq, where Health Care professionals can measure your vital signs from all over the world. The process is straightforward, 5 vital signs will be sent to the doctors through our smartphones under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), an online service set up by Blue Spark.

People have been facing Issues with remote medical care for the last few years when coronavirus affected the whole world. The main issue is that Time also was tracking the vital signs. However, this problem now can be solved through multiple devices to monitor vitals at home but this can be expensive and time-consuming while Vitaltraq uses a cost-effective patch and a consumer’s smartphone to track vitals signs easily.

Vitaltraq has a temperature patch known as TempTraq, it is used to Analyze the patient’s body temperature and the readings are uploaded to the platform for 72 hours through the Bluetooth of the device. The blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate fluctuation, and breathing rate are detected by a face scan which should be more than a minute and it is done by examining the laser’s interaction with skin and blood vessels. This scanning technology is available on Vitaltraq And only accessible for the investigational process at present, known as remote photoplethysmography (rPPG).

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Both these technologies – Face scans and temperature patches can help the Physicians to have the vital signs of the patient sitting anywhere in the world these readings are not 100 per cent accurate so both physicians and the patients should know that this technology may not analyze their all medical issues at the start.

blue spark Vitaltraq
Image Source: Blue Spark

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