Black+Decker Makes Entry into the Indian Market, Launches Washing Machine and AC

American brand Black+Decker makes entry into the Indian market by partnering with Indkal Technology. They have introduced washing machines and air conditioners. The sales of Black+Decker’s washing machines and ACs will commence from June 3, available both offline and online.

The initial price of Black+Decker’s washing machine is set at INR 24,999, and the AC starts at INR 36,999. Both products come with a 10-year warranty on the motor. Additionally, there is a two-year comprehensive warranty and a five-year warranty on the mainboard.

Features of Black+Decker Washing Machine:

The company offers two front-loaded washing machine models with capacities of 6 kilograms and 8 kilograms. There is also a top-loaded machine with a capacity of 7.5 kilograms. These washing machines from Black+Decker feature a BLDC motor. They also come with an advanced tube that incorporates Hex-net crystal design and a triple velocity jet system. The machines have an inbuilt heater to ensure bacteria-free cleaning.

Features of Black+Decker AC:

Black+Decker has introduced three models of AC: 1.5-ton, 2.0-ton, and 1.5-ton variants. These ACs come with special features such as Infinity Impeller, CAD sensor, auto-cleaning, quad convertible, and R32 eco-friendly refrigeration.

With their entry into the Indian market, Black+Decker aims to establish a strong presence and provide consumers with top-of-the-line home appliances backed by their reputation for quality and reliability. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, advanced technology, and competitive pricing makes them a formidable player in the Indian consumer electronics industry.

Indian consumers can look forward to a new era of superior washing machines and air conditioners with the Black+Decker brand. The launch of these innovative products will undoubtedly enhance the overall home appliance market, offering consumers more choices and superior performance for their daily needs.

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