Apple’s Vision Pro Unveils Official Weight and Battery Design Compromise, Raises Concerns of Discomfort Among Users

Apple has recently launched a new VR product called Vision Pro, and during the launch event, the company shared some details about this device that were not known before. One of these details is the weight of the device. Since last year’s introduction of this device, people have been excited about its weight, and even more the final product was tested by some media outlets.

Apple Vision Pro
(Image: Apple)

According to recent reports, Theverge, Engadget and other,s testers expressed some issues, they mentioned experiencing neck pain and raised concerns about the weight of Vision Pro while just using(wearing) this device for only half an hour. This shows that the weight of the device is a bit heavy, Due to which users may face inconvenience during use.

It seems like the concerns raised about the weight of the Vision Pro were right. Apple has now officially disclosed the actual weight of the device, The device weighs between 601 grams and 648 grams, depending on the device’s configurations. To put it in perspective, the high-end Version of this weight range is close to the weight of the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, which is about(684 grams). Inevitably, carrying something as heavy as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can be inherently cumbersome and cause discomfort during prolonged use.

Initially, Apple intended to include the battery directly into the Vision Pro headset. However, due to some issues, They decided to change their plan and the battery will attach externally via a dongle, Which is an extra device connected to the headset, and they may sell this device separately. The battery pack now weighs around 353 grams.

To relieve the discomfort caused by the weight of the Vision Pro headset, Apple is directly including an optional double loop band in the box with the Vision Pro. It is said that This band will provide some relief and help reduce potential discomfort to users while wearing the headset.

Unfortunately, users’ problems do not end with the weight of the device. Another issue is the limited availability of optimized apps, especially from Apple at the time of Vision Pro’s launch. This revelation was part of the less-than-pleasant surprises that emerged when all the official details and specifications were published on Apple’s website.

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To give some context, Apple typically offers around 40 built-in customized apps for its iPads. However, Vision Pro will only come with 15 spatially optimized apps when it becomes available to customers from February 2. This means users will not have as many specialized applications tailored to the unique features and capabilities of the Vision Pro, potentially impacting the overall user experience.

Apple Vision Pro 2
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Apple Vision Pro 3
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Apple Vision Pro 4
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Apple Vision Pro 5
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Apple Vision Pro 6
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