[Top 6+] Best Soundbar under 3000 Rs in India (2024)

A good movie or an interesting Netflix series isn’t quite complete without good-quality audio to complement its visual magic. It’s the same with live sports or music. If you’re watching a movie, you want to hear every bit of dialogue. A good quality soundbar can add a lot to that department. Now if you are on a tight budget, you might ask yourself, “What would be the best soundbar under 3000 for me?”. 

To put your worries aside, we have come up with a solid list of the best of the best that you can find in this price range. Let us now have a look at these premier-quality soundbars below. Although these are under 3000/-, they all offer outstanding performance. So if you are looking for the best soundbar, then the following are worth considering. And, the best part is that they are at an attractive price that will not dent your wallet.

Best Soundbar under 3000

S.NoSoundbars NamePrice Details
1.Blaupunkt SBA20 SoundbarCheck Price
2.Portronics Decibel 21 SoundbarCheck Price
3.boAt Aavante Bar 900 SoundbarCheck Price
4.F&D E200 Plus 5 SoundbarCheck Price
5.i GEAR Ensemble SoundbarCheck Price
6.Zebronics Zeb-Vita Plus SoundbarCheck Price
Soundbars under 3000 list

Let’s start our list of best soundbars under 3000 Rs:

1. Blaupunkt SBA20 16W Bluetooth Soundbar

Blaupunkt SBA20 16W Bluetooth Soundbar

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Blaupunkt SBA20 soundbar comes with octagon octagon-shaped design with a mixture of matte and glossy finish. On the top, it has physical buttons and on the front, you get to see the brand logo. It has dual speakers with the total output of this soundbar is 16W.

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The soundbar speaker driver size is 52mm and the impedance is 6 ohm. Its Frequency Response is 20Hz ~ 20kHz This soundbar comes with a 2000mAh battery capacity, which gives 7hr playtime on a single charge.

Its Bluetooth transmission range is around 10m which works with Bluetooth-enabled devices like Smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs, and Bluetooth-enabled devices, etc. Get this soundbar and enjoy the best sound experience. This Blaupunkt SBA20 soundbar is a must-have companion to your TV.

Connectivity Options:

  • 3.5mm aux audio input
  • MicroSD Card
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth

Sound Quality:

Blaupunkt SBA20 produces room-filling sound, this soundbar will give you a good audio experience. With two powerful, passive radiators you can enjoy a rich and deep surround sound and a crisp and balanced audio quality even at high volume levels.

2. Portronics Decibel 21 Wireless Soundbar

Portronics Decibel 21 Wireless Soundbar

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Portronics Decibel 21 soundbar has a very compact & slim design, which makes it easy to carry around while travelling. It comes with dual multi-colour RGB light speakers, whose total output is 10W. The soundbar has an 1800mAh battery capacity, which gives around 5 to 6hrs playtime on a single charge.

The Decibel 21 also has a built-in microphone, for pickup calls through this soundbar. It has a TWS feature, which works with its Bluetooth connection and allows you to connect 2 devices simultaneously to enhance the audio experience.

Connectivity Options:

  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • AUX IN
  • USB Port
  • FM Radio
  • Micro-SD

Sound Quality:

Decibel 21 Soundbar comes with HD sound, which produces really good sound. With this soundbar by your side, your movies and music are destined to come alive in your home. This soundbar has an impressive bass enhancement, creating a vivid sound that you can enjoy for a long time.

3. boAt Aavante Bar 900 Soundbar

boAt Aavante Bar 900 Soundbar

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Boat Aavante Bar 900 has a sleek and compact design and on the left side, you get to see physical control buttons, and the back side has connectivity ports. The total output of this soundbar is 30W. boAt Aavante Bar 900 comes with a remote control, which allows you to control its EQ modes, and you can tune this soundbar according to the taste of the music.

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Connectivity Options:

  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 2 x AUX ports
  • Optical IN
  • HDMI(ARC) Port

Sound Quality:

boAt Aavante Bar 900 delivers clear dialogues and vocals. the mids and high are well balanced. This is a heavy bass soundbar, if you are not a big fan of bass then you can also control its bass and treble via EQ mode.

4. F&D E200 Plus 5 Wireless Soundbar

F&D E200 Plus 5

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The F&D E200+ 5 comes with a unique design that has an 11-degree tilted speaker specifically designed for wider sound dispersion. The total sound output of this soundbar is 5 watts.

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It has a 2600mAh Li-on battery capacity that gives you 5-6 hours of playtime. To have a comfortable listening experience, the F&D E200 has a built-in 2.0 speaker which provides superb sound clarity and high sound output. It has Bluetooth v4.0 version, it could be v5.0 for better connectivity.

Connectivity Options:

  • Bluetooth version v4.0
  • USB Port
  • 3.5mm audio in

Sound Quality:

This soundbar is very loud, even at a low volume. This does not mean that the sound quality is poor in fact, it is good. The soundbar has a built-in 2.0 Ch speaker, which delivers a strong, crisp sound, rich bass, and good sound clarity.

5. I GEAR Ensemble Soundbar

i GEAR Ensemble Soundbar

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I GEAR Ensemble 20W Wooden is a portable soundbar, With a classic wooden design, the I GEAR Ensemble 20W Wooden portable soundbar will surely look great in every living room. It also comes with a built-in subwoofer that delivers a crisp, clear sound with excellent bass. Besides, it comes with an enormous 2400mAh battery that will power up over 4-6 hours of nonstop music listening.

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The Bluetooth function turns it into a powerful speaker that can be paired with multiple devices and smartphones. And as a portable soundbar, it can be taken anywhere you desire to enjoy the best music experience.

Connectivity Options:

  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • SD card slot
  • USB Port

Sound Quality:

I GEAR Ensemble Wooden soundbar has been developed to provide excellent audio performance from 20W speakers. The built-in subwoofer delivers powerful bass to enrich your sound experience. You can enjoy clean, crisp, and clear music thanks to its excellent sound quality.

6. Zebronics Zeb-Vita Plus Soundbar

Zebronics Zeb-Vita Plus Soundbar

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Zebronics Zeb-Vita Plus comes in six colours and here we mention the red colour here which looks attractive. On the left side, it has functional buttons and ports too. The soundbar also comes with a call function. It has a 2 x 8w speaker, which makes its total output 16W. An inbuilt FM radio. It also comes with an impressive battery life of 12 hours of continuous music.

Connectivity Options:

  • USB Port
  • TF card slot
  • Aux port

Sound Quality:

The Zebronics Zeb-Vita Plus soundbar produces a balanced sound, and It delivers clear vocals and bass. It’s a brilliant choice for people who want to listen to music in the comfort of their homes.

Conclusion: Best Soundbar under 3000

This is our list of best soundbars under 3000 in India, If we take a closer look at all these soundbars listed above, they sound really good. Let us know what your thoughts are by commenting below. 

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