Xelectron SM86+ W full HD led 3D Projector Review

Are you looking for the best budget 3d projector in India? then you are in the right place, hello friends, my name is prince, and today I am going to review a Xelectron sm86+ full HD led 3D projector. Read this article till the end as I will also give information regarding its after-sales services. This Led projector is from Xelectron company & it’s certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards for safety & quality.

Right now, it’s being sold online for (non-android version- XElectron SM86+ Full HD LED Projector) Rs 16,990 & its Android Version (XElectron SM86+W Android Smart Wi-Fi Full HD LED Projector) carries a price tag of Rs 20,990. They are available in two colors white and black.

Xelectron SM86+ W full HD led 3D Projector Review

Xelectron SM86+ W full HD led 3D Projector review

Android version –> Check Current Price

Non-android version –> Check Current Price

Inside the box of Xelectron SM86+ W 3D projector:-

  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • standard Remote control
  • an audio-video cable
  • User manual Guide

The remote is a standard one, that comes with all necessary buttons. This projector comes in a black shiny finish, & has some stripes of silver contrast on it. The projector is very heavy & the company claims to have used heavy-quality material in its construction. The upper surface of the projector carries physical buttons.

For lens protection, a flexible rubber cap has been provided. The knob for keystone correction has been given on the rear & the focus wheel comes integrated around the lens. Lots of ventilation vents have been provided on the sides and front, while ports are placed on the rear side.

Connectivity Options:

  • 2 x USB ports
  • 2 x HDMI ports
  • 1 x AV port
  • 1 x VGA port
  • 1 x Composite input ports
Xelectron SM86+ W full HD led 3D Projector review

You can connect your set-top box, PC, laptop, fir TV stick, PS4 gaming console, USB, DVD player, and home theater with this projector. You can even connect your phone with the HDMI port of this projector through an MHL cable. Underneath This projector, you get options to mount it from a ceiling or even place it on a tripod. In the front, there is a screw, through which you can raise the projector, a little, during projection.

The native resolution of this projector is 1080p & according to the company it comes with 5700 Lumens & a 2200:1 contrast ratio. This projector displays 16.7 million colors & has a zoom function too. For sound, It has two 5W stereo box speakers. so these were the specifications given by the company, now let’s discuss its real on-ground performance.

Xelectron SM86+ W full HD led 3D Projector review

Picture Quality:

The color reproduction of this projector is pretty good. you get to see, more or less, cinematic colors & even the color accuracy is good. Now, coming to brightness, though it is not very good, it can be said to be good in the budget category watching movies through this projector gives you more or less a cinema-like watching experience.

However, its best performance is got in a dark room, though, for presentations, you can even use it comfortably in a dimly lit room. By connecting it to a fire tv stick or an android tv box you can make it fully Android & play all applications on it.

Audio Quality:

The Audio of this projector is quite good for a projector & it comes with stereo sound, but none of the projectors gives you a loud enough sound. you will certainly need a home theater along with it. The noise of its fan is not significant, it can be termed negligible. And, after connecting any audio system to it, you won’t even get to hear that. The heat dissipation capacity of this projector is good, even after playing it for long hours it doesn’t get heated much.

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According to the company, this projector can project a screen up to 200 inches, but the best performance will be limited to 150 inches. I have projected it on a screen of 120-inch & I recommend limiting it to this size only as going beyond 120-inch, will decrease the brightness & affect its picture quality. For a 120-inch projection, you need to keep the projector at a distance of 16-17 ft from the screen.

3D Projection:

According to the company, this is a 3D projector that works with Red & Blue Glasses. So the 3D projection of this projector cannot be said to be appealing. Now, coming to its main cons: I found it’s remote, not much responsive. The projector has an IR blaster just on the front because of which it becomes difficult to operate this projector from behind.

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However, the company claims that it can be operated easily from the back by just pointing the remote toward the screen. I personally feel that the company should have given an IR Blaster on the back too.

The Android version of this projector (Xelectron SM86+ W) comes with Android 6.0 OS, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, a Quad-core processor, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth v4.0. Apart from your Android phone, you can also cast your iPhone through it. The LED Lamp life of this projector is 50,000 hours.

After-sales service:

The company provides 2 Year warranty on this projector, & the company says that it will be picked up by a courier company from your doorstep.

Conclusion: Xelectron sm86+ W full HD led 3D projector

In this article, I reviewed Xelectron sm86+ W full HD led 3D projector. And I recommend this projector to you because this is good for their price point. If you link this article, do tell me about it via commenting section.

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