Ubon SP-125 Speaker and Earbuds Review

We Often have to buy different audio devices for different purposes, like portable speakers if we want to enjoy a picnic or a small friend’s party, and earbuds if we want to make hands-free calls on the go and listen to music alone.

But now you will not have to buy separate devices for both these purposes. Indian brand Ubon has brought a unique device, in which you will get the pleasure of both portable speakers and earbuds. Actually, we are talking about Ubon SP-125.

It is a portable speaker but the interesting thing is that there are earbuds hidden inside it. We got a chance to review it. How was our experience, let us tell you in detail:-

Ubon SP-125 Speaker Review

Design and Build Quality:

This is a small portable speaker and it is so compact that you can keep it in your bag and take it anywhere. Its weight is also not much, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. The speaker has a speaker with 5W sound output.

Control buttons are provided on the upper surface of the speaker and there is also a lid here, on opening which you will find the earbuds. Yes, earbuds come built-in this speaker itself, so it is quite a unique concept.

It will be liked a lot by those people who like to listen to songs on the speaker while traveling. The company has designed it in such a way that customers do not have to buy two different products.

Easy to Use:

On turning it on, you will see the names of two Bluetooth devices in the phone. UBON Asia SP-125 Speaker for speaker and UBON Asia SP-125 TWS for earbuds. If you want to use both, then connect both to your phone.

The speaker has many other connectivity options at the back – like a Type-C port for charging, a TF slot for inserting an SD card, a USB slot for inserting a pen drive, and a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting to a phone or laptop.

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Many control buttons are found at the top. It has a power button, which on long press works to turn on/off the speaker, and on short press works to switch to different modes (USB/TF/FM/BT). Additionally, the + and – buttons long press to increase or decrease the volume and a short press to skip to the next/previous song.

It also has a play/pause button. It works in different ways. For example, if you are listening to a song, you can turn the song on or off by doing a short press. If your phone is connected in Bluetooth mode, you can short-press it to pick up a call. In FM mode, you can short-press it to search stations automatically.

Battery Backup:

The speaker has a 1200 mAh battery and on full charge it provides 4 to 5 hours of playtime at normal volume. Talking about earbuds, each bud has a 40 mAh battery and it also provides 4 to 5 hours of playtime 4 hours of talk time, or 120 hours of standby time. Both devices work on Bluetooth version 5.3 and offer a range of 10 meters.

Sound Quality:

You can also use either left or right earbuds. Their size is quite compact and it is also easy to use. The crystal clear audio quality during calling impressed us a lot. Even while listening to songs, its sound seemed quite powerful. A control button is provided on these small earbuds and it comes with noise cancellation.

When a call comes, you can answer the call with a single press and disconnect the call with a short long press. While listening to songs, you can go to the previous song by double-clicking on the left bud and you can go to the next song by double-clicking on the right bud.

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You can activate the voice assistant by triple-clicking. To charge them, simply put them back in the case. While charging, the red light will glow while when fully charged the light will turn off.

Bottom Line:

The price of this 2 in 1 device is Rs 2999. If it is in your budget and meets your requirements, then you can definitely consider buying it.

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