Realme SLED 55 Inch 4K TV (RMV2001 SLED TV 55) Review

Realme launched its SLED 55-inch 4k TV on 7th October 2020 in the Indian market at the price of 39,999 INR If this is true, then where did realme compromise to bring out this 55-inch TV at such a low price? SLED technology is a new technology and we don’t know if it is reliable or not. And should you buy this TV? I will tell you about all these things in this review. I will tell you everything about Realme’s SLED 4K smart TV.

I have not tested Realme SLED TV, without testing the TV I cannot tell about its picture quality but I will give many details that will help you to make your decision. Read this article (review) till the end because I discussed many important things in between.

Realme SLED 55-inch 4k TV RMV2001 Review

First, we will discuss the important specs of this TV and simultaneously I will keep explaining them. Realme SLED TV comes in a Thin Bezel Design, a plastic body, and a plastic Stand and this is big in size and for the table mount. For this TV, a big and wide table will be required.

Display & its technology:

This TV has a 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate and the refresh rate is absolutely fine, there is nothing extraordinary in it. Realme SLED TV comes with 8 Bit + FRC VA SLED Panel whose brightness reaches up to 400 Nits and this panel supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG but it lacks Dolby Vision. The (SCR)Static Contrast Ratio of this panel is 4000:1.

The backlight of a QLED TV is of black or blue color and there is a Quantum Filter in front of it which converts it into RGB to show on the TV. But in Realme TV there is no filter of any type. Instead, there are direct RGB lights, which you see on the TV. This is a new technology developed by Samsung because it is a panel made by Samsung and it comes with the support of HDR10+.

The white color gamut of the NTSC is 108% because there is no filter on the TV, and this means that this TV has a super bright panel but I cannot comment upon its color reproduction and color management until I see the TV myself. This TV has Gama Picture Boost Technology, which is just a fancy name by realme. Along with this, there will be some AI features as well, which currently are not there, but Realme will send them through its OTA update.


Software & hardware:

Realme SLED TV comes with Android OS 9 out of the box with a built-in Chromecast. This TV has a Cortex a55 CPU and Mali 470 MP3 GPU. Realme SLED TV comes with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB storage and free storage of approximately 10 GB. This is where Realme has cut the cost.

Sound Quality:

Now let’s talk about its Cinema hall sound. According to Realme; after listening to its 24W Dolby Audio, you will feel like you are in a cinema hall and not at your home. But according to me, for the best sound, it will be essential to plug in a good soundbar.

Connectivity Options:

Realme SLED TV comes with 3 HDMI ports (1 is an ARC 2.0 port and the other 2 are 1.4 ports), 2 USB ports, 1 Optical Audio port, 1 Headphone Jack, Bluetooth 5.0, etc support of dual-band wifi connectivity options. The remote control is the same as all the remote controls of other realme TVs. It is a Bluetooth remote control with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube Hotkeys and I have no complaints regarding this.

Should you buy Realme SLED 4k TV?

The cost of Realme SLED TV is kept at 40,000 INR. So should you buy this Realme SLED TV? Well, this is the latest technology and it is totally up to you whether you want to trust it or not. But as for me, I don’t think the picture quality of this TV is as amazing as it will appear in its marketing videos.

Do not compare this Realme SLED TV with any QLED TV because there is no Quantum Dot filter in this TV. For a fair comparison, this TV must be compared with normal TVs like the LCD TV of VU, Hisense, Toshiba, and Nokia. If you like this article(review of Realme SLED TV), please let me know in the comment section about your views regarding this Realme SLED TV.

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FAQs: Realme SLED 55-inch 4k TV RMV2001 Review

1. Is Realme TV support 4K Resolution?

Yes, Realme SLED smart TV support 4k Resolution.

2. What is the processor integrated into the Realme SLED Smart TV 4K?

Realme SLED TV comes with Android OS 9 out of the box with a built-in Chromecast. This TV has a Cortex a55 CPU and Mali 470 MP3 GPU. Realme SLED TV comes with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB Storage and free storage of approximately 10GB.

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