Mulo Arena 5000 Soundbar Review

Are you looking for the best budget soundbar under 5000 rs? In this article, we reviewed Mulo Arena 5000 Soundbar. But there is no fun until I show you its comparison with a worthy competitor, or maybe with 2 competitors. In this article, I’ll review Mulo Arena 5000 soundbar and sound test, and along with that, I’ll compare Xioami’s MI Soundbar and Boat Aavante 1100 Soundbar.

Mulo Arena 5000 Soundbar Review

mulo arena 5000 review

Design & Build Quality:

On the front side is a metal grill; on the top is the glossy black finish, and for better grip, there are rubber footpads on the bottom. The subwoofer is of a completely different design. The closure is entirely wooden, and in the front, there is just Mulo branding. On the back is the 4-inch Driver and Bass Reflex Air Vent.


This Soundbar comes with a fully functional remote control in which you can control bass, treble, and volume, and along with this, there are various modes-music, movie, 3D, and news.

The quality of AUX and RCA cable is normal, but I would have preferred gold-plated connectors. Power on/off switch, volume up and down, and USB connectivity options are available on the side of this soundbar. On the backside are the ports to connect subwoofers and AUX input.

Now, let’s compare Mulo Arena 5000, Boat Aavante 1100, and Mi soundbar specs:

Mulo arena 5000 Soundbar:

Mulo Arena soundbar comes with 2 speakers of 10W and a Subwoofer of 25W. The speakers come with 2-inch drivers and 4 ohms impedance, whereas the Subwoofer has 4-inch drivers and 8 ohms impedance. The width is 27.5 inches, and its SNR is 72db. The total sound output of this soundbar is 45W.

NOTE: SNR is considered good when it is above 40db.

Boat Aavante 1100 Soundbar:

Boat Aavante soundbar comes with 2 speakers of 2.25-inch drivers and 4 ohms whose output is 30W each, making the total output 60W. The width is 29.5 inches, and its SNR is 40 dB.

Mi soundbar:

Mi soundbar comes with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters, and the total output of this soundbar is 28W. This soundbar has 2 speakers of 2.5 inches and 6 ohms impedance and 2 tweeters of 20mm. The width is 32.5 inches, and its SNR is 10db.

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Comparing sound and performance:

MI soundbar: After comparing these specs and doing mini-testing, I learned that the Mi soundbar sounds basic compared to these two soundbars.

Mi Soundbar Sounds as if you have doubled your TV volume but with slightly better quality and bass. The shortcoming of a subwoofer and remote control can be felt.

Boat Aavante bar: The Boat soundbar sounds good, but just 2 drivers fail to deliver a balanced bass and treble. There was some distortion on the full volume. This soundbar is good if your requirement is only to listen to music.

Mulo Arena Soundbar: Clearly, Mulo’s specs are better than these two soundbars. I tested Mulo by playing the same audio track that I use to test every soundbar. And clearly, Mulo’s audio quality is better than these two.

Do tell me how was this article in the comment section, and which soundbar you will purchase.

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