Jabra Elite 5 TWS Earbuds Review

Jabra Elite 5 has Hybrid active noise cancellation. The buds come with air through technology and 6 mics. The buds are priced at Rs 14,999 and can be purchased for Rs 9,999. The buds can be purchased in Gold Beige and Titanium Black colors. We have used Jabra Elite 5 for a few days. Let us know its review.

Design & Build Quality:

Talking about the design of Jabra Elite 5, it also has the same design as other Jabra earbuds. The build quality of the buds and case is good. Company branding is available with the buds on the top. Interestingly, unlike other earbuds with touch sensors, these buds support physical buttons. That means, to change tracks and take calls, you will have to use the physical pressing feature. We like this because it reduces the chances of a wrong command.

The earbuds are quite light weight and fit well on the ears. They do not fall even while running and working out in the gym. Initially you may feel that the buds will fall out, but we liked its fitting. However, this may differ depending on the shape and size of the ear. The earbuds are IP55 certified. This means that the buds will not get damaged easily even in dust and water. It should be kept in mind that the earbuds are not completely waterproof.


Hybrid active noise cancellation is supported with Jabra Elite 5. The earbuds come with a 6mm audio driver with Qualcomm aptX audio support. Jabra Elite 5 earbuds support feedback microphone and feed forward microphone, which reduces background noise significantly.

Earbuds have hair through technology, with the help of which background sound can be heard without removing the earbuds. The earbuds support 6 mics and have Qualcomm QCC 3050 Bluetooth chipset. Jabra Elite 5 earbuds support Google Assistant and Alexa. The earbuds can be connected to two devices simultaneously. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.2 and have A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.8, HSP v1.2 Bluetooth profiles.


First of all let’s talk about the connectivity. In terms of connectivity, the buds are fine, but you may face difficulty in connecting the buds to two devices for the first time. Sometimes the buds have to be reset to connect to the secondary device.

Here we found a little problem. For this, installing the app is the best option. You can install the Jabra Sound+ app to tweak the settings to your preference. With the help of the app, ANC and hair through of the buds can also be controlled. Besides, it also has the support of GPS and you can see its last location with the help of the app. Jabra Elite 5 also has ear detection. That means the music stops as soon as the buds are removed from the ears.

Talking about the sound of Jabra Elite 5, we liked it. You get a balanced sound with the buds and you do not feel it stinging. You can listen to the song even at 100 volume, it will not disturb you. There is good bass with the buds. However, it would not be called very heavy bass. But it doesn’t seem less either.

The travel and bass tuning with the buds is also very good. The sound is also very clear, and you can listen to music tracks and videos in details. Both low and high sounds come out loudly and that too with clarity. You get a premium sound feel with the buds. And in this regard the buds are quite good.

The ANC of Jabra Elite 5 works wonders with powerful sound. The noise cancellation of the buds is very good. Even if you use it in a crowded place, it reduces the noise completely. However if you turn down the volume a bit, you may hear some sounds. We also used the buds’ ANC in front of the cooler. It works wonders.

Jabra Elite 5 has the support of 6 mics, with which there is a claim of noise free calls. We used the earbuds to make calls and attend meetings and found that the person on the other end was able to hear us clearly. Earbuds work well during calls. However, it will not be called the best.

Battery Life:

Regarding the battery of Jabra Elite 5, the company claims that on a single charge it can last for 7 hours with ANC and 9 hours without ANC. However, we did not get to see that much battery backup. The buds can be played for 3 to 4 hours with ANC and 4-5 hours without ANC. Along with the case, it will get 15-16 hours of battery backup. That means if you use the buds a lot then you will have to charge them twice a week.

Considering the price, we found its battery backup to be less. Talking about charging of the buds, it has USB Type C port charging and the buds also support wireless charging. There is support for fast charging with the buds. It provides 1 hour of battery backup in 10 minutes of charging. It takes 1 hour for the buds to be fully charged.


Overall, Jabra Elite 5 comes with good sound, build quality and good noise cancellation as per its price. However, there are many other options at this price point that offer heavy bass and longer battery life. In such a situation, if Jabra Elite 5 is available at a price less than Rs. 10,000, then it can be kept as an option.

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