Boat Aavante bar 2000 Soundbar Review

Are you looking for the best budget soundbar? This article has brought an excellent soundbar to you, which brings you very close to a cinematic experience in much less than Rs 10,000. Especially for movie & bass lovers. I reviewed the boat Aavante bar 2000 160W soundbar. You will have some questions in your mind like, is this soundbar good or worth buying? How is its sound quality? Should you buy this soundbar? You will get the answers to all these questions in this article.

Boat Aavante bar 2000 Review

Boat Aavante bar 2000 Review

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Boat Aavante Bar 2000 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with a power output of 160W. It comes with a nice packaging box on which highlights of the soundbar are mentioned. Inside the box, along with the soundbar, a power cord, a subwoofer, a remote, two Tripple-A batteries, a user manual guide, 2 pieces of wall mounts, and some screws.

On the front, this Shiny Black colored soundbar gets a covering of metallic mesh. Apart from this, there is a groove design on the front center and the soundbar’s upper surface. On the back, there is an HDMI ARC compatible port, apart from an AUX Input, an Optical Input, and a USB port.

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Overall, in a shiny black finish, this soundbar imparts a pretty smart look. The sub-woofer gets completely with the color and design of the soundbar. The X-shaped design on the sub-woofer imparts a sporty look.

The soundbar is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the room. This soundbar comes with Bluetooth v5.0. This soundbar comes with a pretty heavy bass, which more or less can be termed as window rattling. If you play this soundbar at its full volume, the sound can be heard from a big distance.

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Those who are not too fond of heavy bass might not be able to play this soundbar at its full volume. The heavy thumping of this soundbar affects the heart and creates uneasiness. If you are a party person, then too, this soundbar is perfect for you.

However, I did feel that this soundbar creates unnecessary bass even when not required, which is a bit irritating. But its performance is superb when connected to a TV. The heavy thumping created action and horror scenes enhance the viewing experience, making it a cinematic delight.

If you are not in a huge hall, you get to experience a pretty good surround sound. You can feel the audio coming from all sides. Though the audio of my 65-inch VU TV is sufficiently loud, and you really don’t need any external speaker with it, this soundbar, when connected to it, gives a thrilling experience.

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While watching action and horror movies imparts a cinematic experience, which no TV can give. This soundbar’s audio is pretty loud with hefty bass; however, its bass can be reduced through the remote, and the treble can be increased.

Even after bringing down the bass to its minimum, it remains more or less deep only. This is the perfect soundbar for bass lovers, which gives them an excellent audio experience at a meager price. However, non-bass lovers searching for a good soundbar for their TVs can give them a cinematic experience and find it to their liking.

FAQs: Boat Aavante bar 2000

How do I pair my Aavante Bar 2000?

Short press the “INPUT” button on the Soundbar or remote controller to switch it to BT mode. On your phone search for boAt Aavante 2000 and connect.

Does boAt Aavante bar 2000 have an HDMI ARC?

Yes, it does use HDMI (Arc), AUX Input, an Optical Input, and a USB port.

Are boAt soundbars good?

The Boat Aavante soundbar delivers excellent clarity signature sound while the subwoofer adds a good amount of bass. We used the soundbar with optical audio and Bluetooth.

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