Belkin Kakao Review: How is this wireless charger with fast charging?

In this article, we are going to review the American company Belkin wireless charging pad (Kakao BOOST UP 10W Wireless Charging Pad), which has been named Kakao Edition. This wireless charging pad has been specially partnered with popular Kakao Friends characters Ryan and Apeach. We have used this wireless charger for 15 days for review. Let us know in the review whether this charger is worth buying.

Belkin Kakao Wireless Charger Review

Belkin Kakao Review


You will get this wireless charger in two color variants, which include Ryan Black and Apache White. We had the Ryan Black variant for review. This charging pad has got wireless charging standard Qi certification. With this charger, you will be able to charge iPhone and Samsung models that have support for wireless charging.

Generally, fast charging is not available in wireless chargers but this is not the case with this Belkin charger. It supports 10W fast charging. It has an LED indicator that gives information about the stability of charging. It also comes with a two-year warranty. The price of this charger is Rs 3,499.


Talking about the design, the charging pad has the logo of Kakao Friends and the charging sign reads TIME TO FILL. The pad has a rubber band towards the edges, which makes gripping better and there is no fear of the phone or other device slipping and falling. There are also four gripping on the bottom that will prevent the pad from slipping off any furs or tables.

The micro USB port has been given in the charging pad and with it, there is a virus that has a good length. There is an LED indicator on the front. This indicator lights up after the power supply and connection, that is, when you connect the power and when you put any device on the pad, the light will come on. The longer the phone or any device is charged, the longer this light will be lit.


Now as far as performance is concerned, this Belkin charger has support for fast charging. It has support for 10W fast charging. We used this wireless charger to charge the iPhone SE 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds. It took more than 3 hours to fully charge the iPhone with its five-watt charger, while it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge the iPhone SE2 with this charger from Belkin.

During this, the iPhone has also warmed up a bit, though not so hot that there is something to be worried about. With this wireless charger, the iPhone SE 2 charges up to 50 percent faster, but after that, it takes more time. There is no problem regarding connectivity and stability. Buds also charged smoothly.

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Conclusion: Belkin Kakao Wireless Charger Review

This wireless charger from Belkin is great and has been given a new look with Kakao Friends, the performance is also good but the price is high because realme also recently launched a 10W wireless charger which costs just Rs. 899, while the Belkin charger costs Rs 3,499. In such a situation, there is tough competition for Belkin.

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