7+ Best Party Speakers under 20000 Rs In India (2024)

Are you looking for the best party speaker under 20000 rs? These days party speakers are so popular because no matter how busy the schedule is, everyone does the party thus throughout this article, you will find that all the speakers are at under 20000 rs, and these are all of the good brands. If someone has a low budget then you can read our previous article about best party speakers under 10000 rs.

Throughout the article, I have done some comparisons between the party speakers so that you can be sure which product is better. If these speakers get more than 20000 Rs then you do not buy any speaker because no matter how much the best party speaker is, it is available on a budget below 20000 Rs. Let’s get started with this article with this list.

Best Party Speaker under 20000

S.NoSpeakers NamePrice Details
7.Marshall Uxbridge Home Current Price
6.Sony MHC-V13 Party SpeakerCurrent Price
5.Philips SPA9080B Tower Party SpeakerCurrent Price
4LG RL2 Bluetooth Party SpeakerCurrent Price
3.Philips Audio TAX4105Current Price
2.Samsung MX-T40/XL speakerCurrent Price
1.Sony GTK-PG10 Wireless Party SpeakerCurrent Price
Party speakers under 20000

Let’s start our list of the top-notch 7 Best Party Speakers Under 20000 Rs in India:-

7. Marshall Uxbridge Home Multi-Room Speaker

Marshall Uxbridge Home Multi-Room Speaker

Check Current Price

Key Features:

  • 30W speakers
  • Voice Assistance
  • Built-in long hours of battery playtime
  • 1.3kg lightweight

The Marshell Uxbridge Home 30-watt multi-room speaker comes in two different colours – black and white. It is small in size with a weight of just 1.38 kilograms. Marshall is a reputable brand when it comes to manufacturing world-class audio devices and this speaker is a fine example. You will be amazed by the overall audio quality delivered by this speaker. You can also customize your sound to meet your requirements. Using the buttons on the speaker’s top panel, you can easily adjust the volume, treble, and bass of the sound.

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You can use the Marshell voice app to connect this speaker to your mobile device. The setup process is very simple if you use the app and you can also control your music with simple playback commands. With the power of built-in Alexa, all you have to do is just ask. By using your voice, you can play/pause music, get answers, get the latest news, weather alerts and so much more.

Not many brands of speakers match the powerful sound quality of Marshell, which is a very famous brand. Also, if you’re a fan of Alexa’s capabilities and if your budget is within 20000 rupees, you can go for this Marshell Uxbridge speaker.

6. Sony MHC-V13 Wireless Party Speaker

Sony MHC-V13 Party Speaker

Check Current Price

This Sony MHC-V13 Party Speaker comes in a black colour option with Bluetooth technology. The speaker has also karaoke and lighting features. The design is very attractive and changed when we compare it to the previous model Sony MHC-V02. The Sony MHC-V02 party speaker comes in a low-budget segment speaker if you have a low budget so you can go with this speaker. The build quality is also good.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Option
  • Two 5cm Tweeters
  • One 20cm Woofer
  • Two Jett bass boosters
  • CD Drive

The Sony MHC-V13 gives you similar features to the MHC-V02 as available features, but some other features are not the same after reading this article, you will know which features are the same and which are different so that you can choose the right product. So let’s start with its top part. You will find all the controlling buttons on the top part of the speaker like Power on or off, speaker light, Voice changer, Wireless party change, Vocal fader, paring, tuning, volume controller, mic/guitar level, mic or guitar port, etc. You can also see it in the image given below.

On the front side of the speaker, you have Sony’s branding two 5cm high-efficiency tweeters a 20 cm subwoofer, and two bass reflex holes that support the Jett booster that helps to feel the beat at a long distance as the Sony company says. The sound of this party speaker is very well for the MHC-V02 party speaker. Sony MHC-V13 is the latest model which is why you would get some different features the price is also a bit higher and Sony has improved the speaker’s sound quality and design which is better than its previous version.

You get a USB port, FM antenna port, audio in, and power cable on the back of this party speaker. Sony has not provided a wireless MIC which often comes with all-party speakers like F&D and Zebronics. There is no HDMI port that we get in Sony’s MHC-V21D.

The Sony features a remote control with two batteries, a wired mic, lighting effect that can be controlled by the Music Center app which is available both on Android and IOS platforms. On the top side of the speaker, you get a stand or hole to hold the mic. Well if you are thinking of buying Sony’s MHC-V02 then you should increase your budget a bit and buy Sony’s MHC-V13 because you will get to see a lot of improvement if you compare both of them whether it is sound or design.

5. Philips Audio Spa9080B Bluetooth Tower Speakers

Philips SPA9080B Party speaker

Check Current Price

Philips SPA9080B Party speaker is a multimedia tower speaker which comes in a black colour option the speaker cabinet is made of wood. The design of this party speaker is decent and simple. When you unbox the speaker, you will get 1 RC to RC cable here, a remote with which you do not get the batteries, a wireless mic, some paper manuals, and finally two tower speakers.

Key Features:

  • 80 Watts Total Power Output
  • 2 Inches Tweeters
  • 4 Inches Speakers
  • 8 inches bass drivers

The total power output of this speaker is 80 watts. Talking about the main unit there is Philips branding and some controlling buttons and ports such as power on or off, vol up & down, play & pause, previous & next, and a USB connectivity port. These are all available on the upper part of the speaker.

If you come down a bit, then you get 4-inch speakers, 2-inch tweeters, and the last bass reflex system. There are also 8 inches of bass drivers on the side of the speaker. Audio-wise the tower speaker gives you massive bass that vibrates your room. It is better for outdoor and indoor parties. With this speaker, you experience the best sound ever.

On the backside of the main unit, there are 4 nobs to control Treble, Bass, Echo, and MIC VOL. Philips features 2 mic ports, three ports to connect a second speaker, 1 FM antenna, and power on or off switch, and switch. The price of this party speaker is very low compared to all the speakers. It is a tower party speaker that people like to buy the most because it gives good sound quality in a low budget range, so you can buy it.

4. LG RL2 Bluetooth Party Speaker

LG RL2 Bluetooth Party Speaker

Check Current Price

Meet with the LG RL2 Bluetooth party speaker It is a wireless party speaker. It features 15 hours-long playtimes. The speaker comes in a black colour option with different colour lighting effects.

Key Features

  • Multicolor lighting Effects
  • 18 plus Voice effect feature
  • Easily portable via telescoping handle & wheels
  • Fully wireless with 15 hours-long playtime

The design and build quality of this speaker is very nice it is easy to carry anywhere with ease. The speaker is covered with a grill that protects the speaker. The multicolour lighting effect enhances the speakers’ beauty. There is a karaoke feature, you have also 18 voice effects. With this speaker, we connect multiple devices simultaneously.

On the top, you have all the buttons and connecting features. There are Power, Mic Vol up & down, vocal effects, Mic echo change, Lighting change, Forward, sound effects, LED display, and a battery light indicator. 1 Mic port, 1 AUX-in, and 1 USB port.

In this speaker to adjust the volume, the company provides a master volume multi-Jog feature. At the back, you get an on or off switch and a charging port. With the help of a telescoping handle and wheels, it can be easily moveable anywhere. LG features a good quality speaker that provides you with a wonderful sound with deep bass.

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If you like Bluetooth party speakers then you can go with this speaker the price range of this speaker is as much as Sony’s MHD-V13, you can compare the two.

3. Philips Audio TAX4105 Party Speaker

Philips Audio TAX4105 Portable Party Speaker

Check Current Price

Philips products are known to be of high quality and this one is also not an exception. The design of the product is spectacular with a phenomenal color combination and a sturdy build. With a high build quality, the Philips Audio TAX4105 should have no problems being tossed around and is built to last. Its exterior is made of high-class plastic which makes it quite light for its size.

Key Features

  • 6 Hr Average Playtime
  • Karaoke Features
  • Dual Mic
  • Guitar Input
  • Blue Color Highlights
  • Portable

Unlike other Bluetooth party speakers that just sound okay, there’s a lot to admire about the Philips Audio TAX4105. This is a truly portable speaker with premium sound output and deep bass. It’s also super-light so it’s easy to carry around, and it comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free communication. In terms of audio performance, the Philips Audio TAX4105 is one of the best Bluetooth party speakers available in the market today. It delivers true audiophile-grade sound output.

Using the Audio-in connectivity, portable media players can playback Audio-in content directly. Whether you need loud sound outdoors, indoors, or upstairs, you can have it anywhere. The clean, clutter-free interface of NITRO audio solutions makes them easy to integrate into any home.

Bluetooth allows for short-range, energy-efficient wireless communication. Using this technology, iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or even laptop computers, can be wirelessly connected. With this speaker, you can easily listen to your favourite music, video, or game soundtracks wirelessly. Using the built-in USB Direct and SD card slots, you can access more digital music with ease and convenience.

Dance the night away with the built-in party light effects. The speaker’s coloured lights pulse with the beat of the music, flash in different sequences, or remain illuminated all the time.

2. Samsung MX-T40/XL Tower Bluetooth Speaker

Samsung MX-T40/XL Speaker

Check Current Price

This 300W 5.1Ch Giga Party speaker has a compact and unique design. It gives you a premium look as it comes in a black colour option with a Multicolor lighting feature. This party speaker is the best budget-friendly party speaker in the marketplace. The Samsung company gives you the following specifications and features let us know about them.

Key Features

  • Unique Design and Shape
  • 300Watt 5.1 channel
  • The top part is Water-resistant
  • 2.5 inches tweeters
  • 2 inches woofers
  • Multicolor lighting effect

On the top of the part, all the controlling buttons are situated whether it is the power on or off button, play & pause button or mode button. There is also an LED display and Samsung branding. The speaker has a triangle-shaped design. This speaker has 2.5-inch 2 tweeters side by side and 4-inch 2 woofers. Along with woofers, there is a multicolour lighting feature that can be easily controlled by the Giga party audio app.

The backside of this speaker has to, Add stereo, Group play buttons, USB port, in or out Aux ports, and a power cable. Samsung has not provided any mic with this party speaker which has become common with all speakers whether a Wired or Wireless Mic, but karaoke mode is available.

This 300-watt RMS Giga party speaker is water resistant from the top of the part where all buttons are situated. The speaker has 50 max volume. Samsung features a bi-directional audio sound with a bass booster feature. The group play option also allows you to connect with multiple speakers that enhance your party mood.

Right now the price of this speaker is going around 14,000 as you all know the price keeps going up and down. If you compare the sound of this speaker with Sony’s MHC-V13, you will get low loudness in it (Samsung MX-T40/XL).

1. Sony GTK-PG10 Wireless Party Speaker

Sony GTK-PG10 Party Speaker

Check Current Price

GTK-PG10 Sony’s portable party speaker comes with an in-built battery in a black colour option. You have water resistance, karaoke, and Bluetooth features. This is another party speaker from Sony under the list of best party speakers under 20000 rs.

Key Features

  • Built-in long hours of battery playtime
  • 2.1 channel
  • The top part is water resistance
  • Two small tweeters
  • 1 Subwoofer
  • Portable

This is a very small speaker among all the speakers. It can be easily portable from one to another with ease as its weight is 8 kg. The company claims that the built-in rechargeable battery gives 13 hours of battery backup and this one thing makes it unique from all the speakers.

Talking about the controls then all are situated upper side of the speaker. You have Pairing, Power on or off, play & pause Tuning, Mic volume, Mic Echo, Bass equalizer, and volume buttons. There is a USB port, audio in, mic port, and RC to RC connection port which is all covered with plastic covers as well as all controlled buttons. At the rear, you only get an FM antenna and power cable port to recharge your speakers.

Audio-wise you have two tweeters and 1 subwoofer with two air pass holes. According to the company, the speakers deliver powerful sound. If you play the speaker indoors, it will give you more sound from the outdoors because it is a small party speaker. It is perfect for a bachelor. The speaker is easily controlled by the Music Center app, with the help of this app you can change the track, volume up or down, etc. FM radio also comes with it. The top part is water resistance.

Conclusion: Best Party Speaker under 20000

The price of this speaker is more than the Samsung MX-T40 party speaker you can also differentiate between these two. I think you should go with the Samsung speaker because it offers very good features along with a good and pocket-friendly price.

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