Palworld Hits 2 Million Players, Unveils Exciting Updates: PvP, Raid Bosses, Crossplay

Palword creators shared some exciting news yesterday about their upcoming plans for the game. They shared the news on Steam, In which he said that due to many people accessing the game simultaneously, some bugs have appeared in the game and he is working hard to fix that problem. Although he did not tell by what date this improvement would be seen, but they have promised that they will share the information later. Looking at all this, it seems as if they are trying to make Palworld better for all gamers.

The Information above confirms that Palword’s sales exceeded beyond their expectations, That is great news for creators. Because so many people are playing the game, the team will need a little more time to add new features. Palworld recently reached a peak of 2,018,905 players, making it one of the leading Steam multiplayer games.

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However, Palworld has still not been able to break PUBG’s record. It has been the top game for the last 24 hours, with none of its competitors reaching the 1,000,000 player mark yet. Its popularity is commendable, but it also means that creators are facing some challenges in handling its increasing demand.

Palworld multiplayer Game
Source: Steam Charts

The future updates of this game look very exciting, Some of the highlights are PvP(player versus Player), Raid Bosses, new islands, as well as Steam Xbox-crossplay.

Source – Steam Charts

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