How to get a Huge Dark Egg in Palworld? (Easy way to find Pal Eggs)

In Palworld, finding the Huge dark egg is a very challenging task. To discover it you have to search the Palpagos Islands very carefully. By seeing the name it is a dark and huge type of egg, so you can obtain a dark element pal by hatching it, but this isn’t easy you have to go through many ups and downs and you should also have a great fortune and dedication then only you can achieve your objective.

By reading this article you will know how to discover a huge dark egg and how you can get that, etc.

You can also obtain Another huge egg like a Huge electric Egg while searching for a Huge dark egg, as this is not arranged in chronological process.

Where to find Huge Dark Egg in Palworld

It is similar to how the players get Huge Dragon Egg in pal world, you must have a pal that can fly so that you can have a ride on it and search for the huge dark egg everywhere, as this a rare type of egg so we cant expect this to be available at common places.

Using a Neutral type pal like Galeclaw can help you in finding as you have a bird’s point of view while flying and can also help in seeing at higher altitude levels.

How to Hatch a Huge Dark Egg

As playing at a normal difficulty level, the hatching process of a huge dark egg can take up to 2 hours while placed in a Palworld incubator. The process of hatching is the same in all types but the difference is all of the time it takes.

The incubator gives you an indication of when the egg is normal and when it is not.

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What Pals are hatched from the Huge Dark Egg?

While hatching the Huge dark egg you will get Dark element pals, but they don’t have the particular name which will come from what egg.

What is a Huge Dark Egg?

It is one of the varieties of eggs that are hatched to receive a unique and desirable Dark element Pal. It is neither like the regular eggs nor the larger ones. This type of Egg is very difficult to be discovered in the game.

We will update this article, once we gather more information about Huge Dark Eggs.

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