How to catch and breed Anubis in Palworld?

Paleworld was launched just a month ago and has become a very popular game, breaking many records as soon as it came out and it is performing well. Gamers and its competitors were pretty surprised because, just a month after its release, it has become one of the most-liked games on both Steam and Twitch.

Because Palworld is so popular, a large group of fans have come together and created a tool called the “Breeding Calculator” for all “friends” in the game. This calculator helps players figure out how to spawn or add different pals to the game. According to the breeding calculator tool, the Anubis pal is the best in the Palworld game.

However, capturing and breeding Anubis is a bit challenging. To do this, you need to reach at least level 19 in the Palworld game. So you can tell that Anubis is a powerful PAL, but capturing and breeding it requires a certain level of skill and progression in the game.

If we tell you that you can easily get Anubis Pal without catching it and fighting. One easy way to get Anubis is by breeding two different pals in your base.

In this article we tell you both ways to find an Anubis:-

How to Catch Anubis Pal in Palworld

In the Palworld game, catching Anubis Pal is very tough work. You will find Anubis in the Twilight Dunes area, in the wild high level 47.

Given the power level of Anubis in Palworld, you need to select the right team of pals to face him. The Anubis is strong against Electric-type pals but weaker against Grass-type pals. So you need to take at least grass type pal when you fight with it.

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To catch Anubis you should bring strong pals like Mossada, Dinossom, Lyleen, and Robinquill to fight against Anubis in Palworld.

Before entering the battle with Anubis you need a good amount of ammo, healing potions, and legendary spheres.

How to Bread Anubis in Palworld

The easiest way to get an Anubis is to breed it from two different kinds of Pals in your base. However, 1st you need a Breeding Farm, which is unlocked at level 19, along with an Egg Incubator to eventually hatch the Anubis egg. Once that’s sorted, you can breed the following seven combinations of opposite-gender Pals to get Anubis:

  • Rushoar and Blazemut
  • Mossanda and Katress
  • Mozzarina and Beakon
  • Lovander and Beakon
  • Celaray and Relaxaurus
  • Caprity and Beakon
  • Eikthyrdeer and Beakon
  • Penking and Bushi
  • Ragnahawk and Tombat

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