10+ Highly Compressed PC Games under 100 MB

We always prefer high-graphics games to low-graphics or low-size games. We always want our game with maximum graphics and the highest FPS. But there are still some people who prefer low-size games. They search for highly compressed PC games under 100 MB or 200 MB for their PC.

They find those games in highly compressed sizes for their PC. But you don’t need to wander somewhere else because we have brought some best highly compressed PC games under 100 MB. These highly compressed games are fun, and classic, and come under 100 MB for pc.

Highly compressed PC games under 100 MB

Highly compressed PC games less than 100 MB. we add to this list of the finest highly compressed games that are personally on my list and you can download them with ease.

1. Pince Of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (87 MB)

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame is an adventure highly compressed game under 100 MB. It was released by Broderbund in 1993 as the sequel to 1989’s Prince of Persia.

Similar to the first Prince of Persia, the character of the game explores several deadly areas by jumping, running, crawling, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and drinking magic potions.

it is strongly similar and more to the first Prince of Persia. And this game is more difficult than its predecessor. up to four enemies may appear at once to attack the character.

And the graphics of the game are far more complex than the simple look of its predecessor. the areas explored are larger, and the variety of backdrops is greater than in the previous Prince of Persia game

2. Spiderman 2 (87 MB)

SpiderMan 2 is a 2004 action-adventure game. It is based on a film of the same name. This game was released on June 28, 2004, for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Spiderman 2 is a third-person and open-world game.

It is based in New York City and is composed of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, Ellis Island, and Liberty Island. In the game, you’ll take the role of Spider-Man and complete the missions of the story. SpiderMan 2 is a highly compressed game, the size of the game is under 100 MB.

The story is divided into several chapters full of fun. each chapter has its own set of objectives, such as purchasing upgrades for Spider-Man or acquiring a certain number of hero points from completing the side missions.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars (58 MB)

Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle video game that was launched on November 8, 2012, first for Windows, iOS, and Android devices, then for Mac and BlackBerry devices. This is the sixth game in the Angry Birds series. All the characters from the game are copyrighted from George Lucas’s double trilogy. Every bird has its different power and strength which is used to destroy enemies.

When a certain number of stars are earned then you will get a reward which can be either 5 Mighty Falcons or access to a Golden Droid level. There are additional bonus levels if you manage to hit golden droids in selected levels.

4. Angry Birds Rio (48 MB)

Angry Birds Rio is the third puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series that was developed and published by Rovio Mobile. It is the final game of the series in which there are the original Angry Birds. The gameplay of the game is the same as other Angry Birds games, you’ll get a slingshot to launch birds at nearby structures to destroy all enemies.

5. DOOM 1 (3 MB)

DOOM game was one of the most popular games of that time. This game was a first-person shooter game and was developed by id Software for MS-DOS. It was first released on December 10, 1993. When a shareware copy was uploaded to an FTP server at the University of Wisconsin. The Ultimate Doom was an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, which was released in 1995 and sold at retail.

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In this game, you’ll play the role of a space marine, that is popularly known as Doomguy who finds themselves at the focal point of an invasion from Hell and invades demons from Hell. The game is fun with its science fiction and horror style.

6. Gta 2 (32 MB)

Grand Theft Auto 2 is an action-adventure game, developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games, for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation in October 1999. It was the sequel to 1997’s Grand Theft Auto and the second main instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 2 was the first title in the series to adopt early 3D graphics technology present on the PlayStation and some PCs.

While the gameplay is still Like its predecessor Grand Theft Auto, the game focuses on players completing a series of levels, each level requires a set target score to be achieved to progress to the next stage.

You will get points for various criminal actions such as destroying cars, selling vehicles, and completing missions for various crime syndicates, with the latter awarding more points than doing simple criminal actions.

7. Roadwars (57 Mb)

Roadwars is the first arcade game developed by Arcadia. In the game, you’ll drive a Battlesphere, an ovoid mobile weapon armed with a laser cannon and a protective shield. This game can be played with one or two players. Battlespheres ensure the stability of the spaceways between the moons of the planet Armageddon by removing destructive debris.

The magnetic side panels that keep the vehicles on the spaceways are malfunctioning and can not only delay but destroy a Battlesphere.

8. Prince of Persia: The Fallen King (15 MB)

Prince of Persia: The Fallen King is a third-person action-adventure video game. The game was developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is compressed and the size of this game is also under 100 MB. This was released in December 2008 for the Nintendo DS as a spin-off of Prince of Persia.

In this game, you’ll play the role of the Prince and Zal, fighting Ahriman’s forces with a variety of different physical and magical attacks. The prince departs in search of the king of the City of New Dawn, with the hope that he can summon Ormazd, but due to his affinity for the remnants of Ormazd’s power.

But here, the Prince finds a new ally, Zal, who introduces himself as one of the king’s Magi and teams up with the Prince to save the City of New Dawn from corruption and ultimately stop Ahriman.

The main objective of the game is to collect four pieces of a magical seal that will banish the evil god Ahriman from the region. Then later it will help you to clear all the missions of the game.


Alien Shooter is an isometric top-down shooter video game developed and released by the Russian studio Sigma Team in 2003. It was the first game in the Alien shooter series game. Alien Shooter is presented in a top-down view (3/4 perspective). The game consists of 9 levels with increasing difficulty.

The objective of each level is to kill all the aliens. To achieve this, the player needs to access all areas of the level (by reactivating power generators, destroying walls, disabling force fields, etc.) and kill the alien creatures. Later levels have teleportation devices, which spawn enemies infinitely and can only be destroyed by special explosives scattered throughout the level.

10. THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003 (38 Mb)

The old classic fighting game, who doesn’t know this game? The King of Fighters 2003 is a fighting game that was produced by SNK Playmore for the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms in 2003. The King of Fighters 2003 is the tenth game in The King of Fighters series and the last one released for Neo Geo.

The game uses a 3-on-3 Team Battle where players can change characters in the middle of the fight. Each team has one leader with access to a Leader Super Special Move.

The game also features a Tactical Leader System, in which one of the members of the team is selected as the Leader. The chosen Leader can have access to an exclusive move. However, this usually requires two Power Gauge stocks to be able to perform it

Conclusion: Highly Compressed PC Games under 100 MB

If you like a game, and you don’t find that game in the list above, you can write your game name in the comment section. We will try to get your game on our list within a week.


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