A rockstar employee certainly leaked the GTA 6 map, Uncovering more discoverable places than thought

As Rockstar team has been working on Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 for the last few years and trying to build a new map but one of their employee betrayed them and leaked some of the parts of the map on the 4chan website. The full map isn’t leaked Here we can only see three major islands and a structure of basic land.

GTA 6 Map
Image Source – Rockstar Games

But here is the problem in Rockstar organization as we can see many leaks of the recent projects.

The leaked map should not be taken seriously as it is not confirmed by the Rockstar organization although this map is looked at by many people they can’t be 100 per cent sure about it.

An X user named Nick – @s1nick Shared this map on 25th January 2024 and was confused while tweeting At first the user Didn’t think that it was true but in the next line, he claimed that it was legit to him.

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This leaked map is contradictory to the statement given by GT 6 as they have said the map will only contain a single large land but in the picture, we can see 3, The corner one which is the biggest island popularly known as the HD Universe Vice City. The other two islands are a puzzle for all the consumers till the official map is released or when the rockstar organization claims about it Because the employee who leaked also did not talk about these two islands.

X/@s1nick Has not also given a valid proof or link where this map was posted. Many consumers didn’t agree with him on this map but he was sure about it.

A user named DuPz0r – @DuPz0r Recently shared a satellite view of the map which was developed based on September 2022 Leaked files and the basis of the first trailer.

Image Source – Reddit (Upload by @DuPz0r)

The mapping community agrees with this version of the map which is developed by X/@DuPz0r. So they’re joining him in this journey but this also cannot be confirmed as the final decision would be made by the Rockstar organization.

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