[9+] Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 in India (2024)

If you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 2000 Rs in India then this article is for you. Through this article, I am going to help you choose the best gaming headphones under 2000. I have come up with a list of the 9 best gaming headsets. These gaming headphones have a better sound quality and a more comfortable design which helps you to wear them for long hours.

Gaming headphones can be crucial for a gamer. They play a significant role in online multiplayer games. You can identify the footsteps, and gun load with the help of good-quality gaming headphones. You can easily identify your nearby enemy by hearing his activities. Gaming headphones can also be used for listening to music as they deliver good sound with high bass. I have also written about the best gaming headphones under 3000 Rs, you can check this article.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

S. NoGaming Headphones NamePrice Guide
1.Redgear Cosmo 7.1 HeadphonesCurrent Price
2.EKSA E800 Wired Gaming HeadphonesCurrent Price
3.Redgear Comet 7.1 Wired HeadphonesCurrent Price
4.EKSA E900 Gaming Headset Current Price
5.Cosmic Byte GS430 Current Price
6.EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones Current Price
7.boAt Immortal IM-200 Current Price
8.EKSA T8 Gaming headphonesCurrent Price
9. boAt Rockerz 510 Current Price

Let’s start our list of the best gaming headphones under 2000 in India:-

1. Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Gaming Headphones

Best gaming headphones under 2000

Current Price

Completely immerse yourself with the virtual 7.1 virtual surround sound of Redgear Cosmo 7.1 gaming headphones. The gaming experience is just amazing with this quality gaming headset. You can play not only games but also enjoy your favourite tracks, movies, or videos.

The Redgear Cosmo 7.1 gaming headphones come with a premium built-in noise-cancelling microphone for a stable and better communication experience in multiplayer games. The closed earcup design of the headphones blocks all kinds of distractions from outside for good focus in gaming.

The build quality of the headphones is excellent. The premium noise-isolating memory foam earpads of the headphones provide an excellent long-hour gaming experience. The adjustable split headband makes headphones comfortable to use. Fascinating RGB lights on the ear-cup tip of the microphone will double your gaming experience.


Model‎Redgear Cosmo 7.1
Connector TypeWired
Dimension23.7 x 11.2 x 21.7 cm
Weight608 Grams

2. EKSA E800 Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphones

EKSA Stereo Gaming headphones

Current Price

The EKSA Stereo gaming headphones could be a perfect deal for you. Their powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium driver in each ear cup delivers amazing sound quality and easily captures the footsteps and loading gun of the enemy. You can also enjoy music and movies with these gaming headphones

These gaming headphones come with a quality and highly sensitive microphone omnidirectional noise cancellation which reduces the outside noise. The quality of the microphone is so amazing that your partner on call will never complain about the sound problem.

This headset comes with adjustable rotating 15°earmuffs for all gamers. The ergonomically shaped adjustable elastic headband and super-soft protein foam earmuffs make it wear for long hours without any discomfort. The attractive RGB LED light adds more fun to your gaming experience.


Connector TypeWired
Dimension‎22.4 x 21.5 x 10.4 cm
Weight460 Grams

3. Redgear Comet 7.1 Wired Over Ear Headphones

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

Current Price

The Redgear Comet comes with an ergonomic design for an immersive gaming experience. You will get to enjoy virtual 7.1 surround sound in gaming. These headphones come with a noise-cancellation microphone, thus, your main focus will be on gaming. Any outside voice will not distract you.

The quality of the mic is impressive, it records voice with quality and details. You won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them for hours. The build quality of these gaming headphones looks long-lasting. They never look like cheap gaming headsets.

The RGB light of these gaming headphones looks awesome and makes the environment of gaming. The cable of the headphones is long enough in size and it looks solid and tough. Headphones are a little heavy, but the weight of them won’t make you feel discomfort.


Model‎Comet 7.1
Connector TypeWired
Dimension‎19.2 x 11.4 x 22 cm
Weight526 Grams

4. EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset

Current Price

EKSA E900 are heavier and bigger than most others available currently. It is by no means a lightweight headset. That said, it has an adequate amount of comfort. With just enough weight and no cheap plastic parts, it assures you of quality construction. Anodized aluminium is used throughout the frame. The frame is very durable as a result.

It can be dropped, stepped on, and subjected to a lot of abuse without any serious damage occurring. In other words, you can expect your headset to last you for years if you desire. Regardless of the shape of your face, the cups can be adjusted by 180 degrees using the 180 swivel arms. It is impossible for excessive pressure to occur no matter how slanted your cheeks or your temples are.

Your system can be connected to the EKSA E900 USB Gaming Headset in two different ways. Using a 3.5mm audio cable is the first option. Most systems can be connected easily with this cable. To connect to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, use the 3.5mm cable. PC, Mac, and smartphones can also be connected.

It is a good rule of thumb that if your device has a 3.5mm jack, this type of connection will also work. It is thus the most versatile type of connection. Nevertheless, it is more convenient to connect via USB. 7.1 channel surround sound is supported for the most part. PCs are the only platforms that will support this feature. Unlike most other gaming headsets, the EKSA E900 features large, powerful 50mm drivers. The result is improved sound quality.

Additionally, neodymium is used in the construction of the drivers. Compared to a normal steel magnet, this material is much more sensitive, allowing for much more subtlety. Thus, all frequencies are equally represented by this deep, rich sound. The same sounds that you hear in grenade explosions or rumbling engines can also be heard in high-pitched whistles and dings.


Model‎E900 Red
Connector TypeWired
Dimension‎18.4 x 17.6 x 10.2 cm
Weight270 Grams

5. Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphones

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphones

Current Price

Play games and listen to your favourite songs with Cosmic Byte GS430. The 3D sound of these headphones is immersive and excellent. The sound quality of the headphones is so good that you will be able to hear the enemy’s activities such as gun loading and footsteps.

These headphones take you into a gaming world thanks to their flexible noise cancellation mic. It won’t let you hear any outside noise. You can also adjust the mic direction thank to its 120° flexible design. You won’t feel any discomfort while wearing the headphones for long hours thanks to their ergonomic soft earmuff

They come with a flexible noise-cancellation mic which gives a better gaming experience. You won’t face hearing any background sounds like keyboard noises while using them. You can easily adjust the direction of the mic as it comes with a 120° flexible design. These gaming headphones are perfect to wear for a long time. The ergonomic soft earmuff makes them wear for a long time.

The Cosmic Byte GS430 comes in multiple different colors; Green, Black, Camo Black, Camo Green, Grey, and Red. You can choose according to your wish which colour you like the most.


Connector TypeWired
Dimension9 x 16 x 18 cm
Weight410 Grams

6. EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones

EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphone

Current Price

The EKSA E3000 gaming headphones are available in five different colours; black, silver, dark black, purple, and red. These headphones have a very ergonomic design. With soft over-ear earmuffs and an adjustable headband design, these headphones will fit perfectly on your head and you will never feel any discomfort even during long gaming sessions.

The appearance of these headphones is very beautiful and attractive. When you plug these headphones into the computer, you will find them very colourful because 6 colours alternately appear on the earmuffs, thanks to the wonderful RGB light design.

These gaming headphones come with a 50mm neodymium driver for delivering powerful three-dimensional sound with rich bass and clear treble so that your audio experience while playing games will be just fantastic. The microphone is also great thanks to the noise-cancellation feature and the in-line controls.


Model‎E3000 Dark Black
Connector TypeWired
Dimension‎23 x 20.2 x 9.7 cm
Weight540 Grams

7. boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1Ch Gaming Headphone

boAt Immortal IM-200

Current Price

The fifth gaming headphone I added to the list of best gaming headphones under 2000 is the Boat Immortal IM-200 headphones. These gaming headphones come with an extremely durable and compact build quality and design. The build quality is fully made of plastic material and it seems very sturdy. Coming to the cushion quality, these over-ear headphones come with very cozy earcups and so, these headphones are very suitable for long gaming sessions. You will find the Boat logo on each earcup.

These wired headphones come with a noise-isolating microphone with ENx technology which gives you clear communication with anyone. There’s also a securely braided cable that feels sturdy for a great experience without any difficulty.

You can enjoy 7.1 channel virtual surround sound via Boat Plugin Labz and the overall sound quality is just magnificent, because of the 50mm drivers. You can easily customise the audio and microphone driver settings via Boat Plugin Labz.

Are you planning to purchase wired gaming headphones with highly durable and compact build quality and design and magnificent audio quality for a budget of fewer than 2000 rupees? If yes, you can select the Boat Immortal IM-200 gaming headphones. You will not have any regrets.


Model‎Immortal IM200
Connector TypeWired
Dimension‎21 x 12 x 22.2
Weight350 Grams

8. EKSA T8 Stereo Gaming Headset

EKSA T8 Gaming hadphones

Current Price

Play games and listen to music with clear sound and strong bass. The 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers of the headphones deliver some quality sound with rich bass. These headphones come with a noise-isolating microphone for high-quality communication. The microphone lets you deliver and receive call messages while you are playing games.

You will be able to wear these gaming headphones for a long time thanks to their comfortable over-ear pads. The glaring LED lights will double your gaming experience. To do this you need to plug in the USB jack to your PC or laptop. The gaming headphones come with an in-line controller which includes a volume wheel and a one-key mute which lets you control the headphones.


Model‎EKSA T8
Connector TypeWired
Dimension20.4 x 18.6 x 8.6 cm
Weight350 Grams

9. boAt Rockerz 510 Headphones

boAt Rockerz 510

Current Price

The Boat Rokerz 510 headphones are made of plastic along with blue aluminum plates making them more durable and giving them a premium gaming look. The foam or cushions inside the earcups are soft and with the right pressure.

The synthetic leather on the earpads is soft and makes them pleasant to wear. It is just 231 grams, which is a lightweight headphone. These boat Rokerz headphones come in 4 different colour variants jazzy blue, molten orange, raging red, and viper green, I like the blue colour a lot.

It comes with Bluetooth v4.1 with a 10m operational range. It has dual connectivity options – wireless via Bluetooth and wired through its AUX port. Apart from this, headphones come with 400mAh lithium polymer batteries, which give you non-stop 10-hour playtime. It takes 3 hours to fully charge. On the right side earcup, multimedia buttons have been given. You can control music, call answer, reject, and volume.

Boat Rokerz 510 comes with 50mm dynamic drivers, which deliver clear and loud audio, The bass of these headphones is also very decent, but sometimes its bass is overpowered, so you can’t hear mids properly. Its noise cancellation is quite good. but expect from this too much. It is good for its price range.

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Connector TypeBluetooth + Wired
Dimension7.5 x 20 x 19 cm
Weight230 Grams

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