6+ Best Gaming Earphones under 500 INR in India (2024)

Buying the best gaming earphones under 500 Rs is not as tough as it was before. Now they are good quality gaming earphones are available in this price range. There are some good quality earphones under 500 but getting the best set of earphones is not easy due to lots of choices. Earphones are for music lovers as they are lightweight and cheap. But mobile gamers also use them while playing games.

For a gamer, good-quality gaming earphones or gaming headphones play a vital role. You can hear the enemy’s activities with the help of gaming earphones or headphones. Every gamer wants to have the best gaming earphones so they can make him help become a pro gamer. You can easily locate the enemy with the help of gaming earphones if he is near you. Now let’s get into the list of best gaming earphones under 500 Rs. You can also like this article on the best gaming earphones under 1000.

Best Gaming Earphones Under 500

S. NoGaming Earphones NamePrice Guide
1.XIAOMI Dual DriverCurrent Price
2.RPM Euro Gaming earphones Current Price
3.pTron Boom Gaming earphones Current Price
4.JBL Endurance Run Current Price
5.PTron Boom Ultima V2Current Price
6.CLAW G9X Gaming EarphonesCurrent Price

Let’s start our list of 6 best gaming earphones under 500 in India:-

1. XIAOMI Dual Driver Gaming earphones

Best gaming earphones under 500

The Mi dual Driver comes with a dual dynamic driver which delivers excellent sound and gives an amazing gaming experience. It delivers crisp treble and rich bass. The gaming earphones come with magnetic earbuds for better use. The cable of the earphones is the tangle-free braided cable, thus, you can store them anywhere. and earphones won’t tangle.

The Mi earphones come with a premium design, and their 90-degree design fits all Android smartphones. The soft and comfortable earplugs provide long hours of listening experience. Thanks Anti-slip Earplugs to give exceptional comfort.


Connector TypeWired
Weight20 Grams

2. RPM Euro Gaming Earphones

Best gaming earphones under 500

The RPM Euro Gaming earphones are specially made for gaming. You can use them for playing games. Their ear-proof design helps to listen to footsteps, bullet fire, and gun reloading sounds. The 10mm diving unit delivers excellent sound with clear audio and rich bass. The noise-cancelling 4D stereo sound delivers high-quality sound and provides an excellent gaming experience.

The gaming earphones come with a detachable microphone which can be adjusted by the user’s comfort. On the other hand, the second inline microphone is used as a normal wired earphone for normal use. These gaming earphones can be used with multiple devices such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch but you need an extra Microsoft adapter to connect them to the old version X box which does not come with these earphones.


Connector TypeWired
Weight80 Grams

3. pTron Boom Gaming Wired Earphones

Best gaming earphones under 500

With Ptron’s wired in-ear gaming headphones, you’ll hear clear treble, rich bass, and wide frequency response, so you’ll be able to easily hear the instruments as well as human speech. It has 45°oblique earbuds, three pairs of interchangeable soft silicone buds, and ear fins for the perfect fit, allowing you to play for hours and not worry about them falling out.

The microphone is 360 degrees omnidirectional and detachable, so it can be adjusted to the most convenient position. Your communication will be clearer while playing the game with the noise-reduction mic. It has an excellent stereo effect; and passive noise cancellation.

The earbuds feature a secure-fit design, music, and call control. The ABS body is durable. The 3.5mm gold-plated Aux jack is gold-plated. The cable is 1.2m tangle-free TPE. An earphone case is included with the device, and it appears to be of good quality.


Model pTron Boom
Connector TypeWired
Weight21 Grams

4. JBL Endurance Run Gaming Earphones

JBL Endurance Run Gaming earphones

The JBL Endurance Run is one of the best earphones under 500 Rs. It is better for listening to music. The earphones come with 8.2mm dynamic drivers which deliver perfect audio with bass and clarity. You can carry them in the gym and light rain thanks to the IPX5 waterproof design which makes it possible. These earphones are comfortable and secure thanks to Twistlock and FlexSoft Technologies.

You can use voice assistant by pressing long the remote button. They feature magnetic earbuds that don’t let the earphones get twisted. You can wear these earphones both ways, in-ear and behind the ear. Overall, they are a good option to buy under 500.


Connector TypeWired
Weight56 Grams

5. PTron Boom Ultima V2 Gaming Earphones

PTron Boom Ultima V2 Gaming earphones

The PTron Boom Ultima is a cheap set of gaming earphones. You can buy them for under 500 Rs. They feature 8mm drivers which deliver good-quality sound. The ergonomic design of the earphones lets the user use them for long hours.

The in-line remote of the earphones makes it easy to manage calls and music. This in-line controller also features a mic for calling the phones and talking to your teammates in games. These earphones are lightweight and weigh around 20 g. The build quality is good despite being built from plastic you are looking for cheap earphones then these earphones would be the best option for you.


ModelBoom Ultima V2
Connector TypeWired
Weight70 Grams

6. CLAW G9X Gaming Earphones

CLAW G9X Gaming earphones

The CLAW G9X gaming earphones come with large 10mm dynamic drivers which produce crisp audio with powerful bass. The clear and crisp audio helps the user to hear the enemy sound such as gun reloading and footsteps

These gaming earphones come with a noise-cancelling mic that lets you hear the clear voice of your partner on the call or your teammate in the game. The 1.2 m cable of the earphones is built from a rugged textured TPE material. The gold-plated jack of the earphones comes with a 45-degree angle.

The ergonomic design helps the users to use earphones for long hours. Overall, the build quality of the earphones is solid and looks long-lasting and the earphones are worth buying.


Connector TypeWired
Weight20 Grams

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FAQs: Best Gaming Earphones under 500

What is the best gaming earphone under 500?

The Mi Dual Driver is a decent gaming earphone under 500. The wired earphones are light and produce decent sound.

Are gaming earphones under 500 worth?

You can hardly get a good set of earphones for gaming for under 500. There are lots of other earphones but they are not specially made for gaming, although you can use them for gaming.

What are the top 5 gaming earphones under 500?

The top 5 gaming earphones under 500 are –
1. Mi Dual Driver
2. RPM Euro Gaming earphones
3. pTron Boom Gaming earphones
4. JBL Endurance Run
5. PTron Boom Ultima V2

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