Is 8GB RAM Enough for a Laptop?

You must be confused or want the answer to this question, is 8GB RAM enough for a laptop in 2022? I am going to answer this question with a detailed explanation. Now laptops are coming with more RAM than before, still, you will have to be satisfied with a 4GB RAM laptop if you have a very limited budget or just don’t want to spend more on a laptop.

Is 8GB RAM enough for a laptop?

Is 8GB RAM enough for laptop

There are a lot of things to consider before reaching a conclusion. How much RAM you need totally depends on what work you do. Let’s get into the details of this question.

Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming on a laptop?

A lot of us think that the more RAM you have the higher FPS you get. It is not like that at all, more RAM does not guarantee that you will get more FPS but less RAM might ruin your gaming experience. So our main question is, is 8GB RAM enough for gaming on a laptop? The very first question is which type of gaming you do.

If you play light games then 8GB of RAM is enough otherwise you might regret choosing the 8GB RAM if you want to run heavy games on your laptop. Although you can play heavy games on an 8GB RAM laptop a gaming laptop with 16GB is a better choice. Let’s have a look at the video of Testing Games in which you can clearly see the difference.

In this video, all the games were run on the same specifications, the only difference was the RAM. You can conclude it playing games on 4GB RAM is not a wise choice at all although gaming laptops don’t come with 4GB RAM. But installing just 4GB RAM on your PC is not a good choice.

You can also see the difference between 8GB, 12GB, and 16GB RAM. There was more FPS on the system with 12GB RAM than on the 8GB RAM system. But there was not a noticeable difference between 12GB, 16GB, and 32GB RAM. Now we can conclude that 16GB RAM laptops are a better choice than 8GB RAM laptops for gaming.

Is 8GB RAM enough for students

A student usually writes notes, surfs the web, watches videos, and maybe does some casual gaming on a laptop. For all these types of work, 8GB of RAM is quite sufficient. This amount of RAM can easily handle day-to-day tasks, you will never need more RAM than this if you are a student.

You can also do a medium level of FHD video editing on the laptop and some multitasking. The 8GB RAM will never disappoint you and never make you upgrade your RAM. You might also like Best Laptops under 1 lakh.

8GB RAM is enough for those

  • Who are students and don’t run heavy software or games that eat too much RAM
  • Who does office work
  • Who does medium-level video editing

8GB RAM is not enough for those

  • Who plays heavy games? Although you can do heavy gaming on 8GB RAM, a gaming laptop with 16GB RAM will definitely increase FPS
  • Who run heavy software that demands too much RAM
  • Who does high-level video editing

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